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  Review of Azimo international money transfer services 

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international money transfer Azimo
Azimo main features

Azimo: low cost of at least the first 2 international translations.

It is possible to transfer money to the US, but not from the US. The prices of transfers are different for developed and developing countries. Money can currently be sent from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland. You can transfer money using Azimo to almost every country in the world.
costs for international money transfer Azimo

Fees for international transfers Azimo

The commission is shown in the Azimo price calculator. After commission deduction, the rest of money can be converted to the national currency with a certain surcharge, which is lower for the first two payments. Because of this surcharge, it is better not to convert the money and, if possible, receive the transfer in the sender's currency (usually, you can receive transfers in American dollars, British Pounds or euros).

The comission charged is 1.99 GBP, 2.99 EUR / CHF or 3.99 AUD.

The maximum amount that can be transferred from a debit or credit card is limited to 12000 GBP or 13500 EUR; for bank transfers, upper limit there is not specified.
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channels and options of Azimo international money transfers

Channels and options of Azimo international money transfers.

You can send a transfer from a bank account, as well as from a debit or credit card.

Depending on the sending and receiving country, it is possible to send money to a bank account or a mobile wallet (not always the same as the phone number, it depends on the application used), to a cell phone account, to receive money in cash at banks / other Azimo partner institutions, it is also possible to have money delivered to the recipient's home. For example in the UK, you can receive money to your bank account or top up your cell phone balance, in the US — through direct or swift bank transfer or to your phone balance and so on.

Usually, fast crediting of funds to the recipient's account is possible with transfers via debit or credit card, as well as with SWIFT bank transfers (within 24 hours), but often these types of transfers require additional expenses.more info  
Azimo pros

Azimo pros.

No fee for the first two payments of new customers.

It is worth keeping in mind that prices are higher when using a credit card than when making a direct bank transfer from a bank account or debit card. For SWIFT (Wire) transfers, both the sender's and the receiver's banks may charge high commissions.

Azimo exchange rates for the first two payments of new customers are favourable.

It is possible to get money in cash without a bank account or card at Azimo agent points, as well as to a cell phone number or a mobile wallet (not in all countries).

The site and Azimo are simple and easy to use.

The account settings are simple and straightforward, you need an email address and phone number to register in the system.

You can open a business account for registered small businesses and sole traders* to send international money transfers at an attractive exchange rate to 189 countries worldwide, with the option of receiving payments in the recipient's currency, or via Swift in the world's most popular currencies (USD, EUR, GBP).
* service is available for European countries with the possibility of sending payment, see above
Azimo cons

Azimo cons.

At the moment, it's not possible to send money from the US.

Of course it is good that for new clients and their first two (for the business account five) transfers there are attractive conditions (no transfer fee and a special exchange rate is applied), but for subsequent transfers, the exchange rate increases and the fee is added, so by some other providers of international money transfer services, for example by Wise (former TransferWise), it is possible to find more favorable terms.

The customer support is available only during working hours on weekdays (9:00 to 17:00 Western European (UK) time), but in several languages, including English, German and French.
the main competitors of Azimo

The main competitors of Azimo on the market of international money transfers.

The main competitors of Azimo are Wise (Formerly TransferWise), WorldRemit, MoneyGram, OFX, Remitly, Ria, WesternUnion and Xoom (subsidiary of PayPal). You can read our reviews of most of them by following the corresponding link.
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