Why Choose Hole over B&B or Guesthouse?

The main purpose of most contemporary hotels is to provide their guests with an opportunity to relax and fully forget their everyday problems and concerns.

All the benefits, that a hotel can offer, make the costs of staying there well worth it. An advanced search engine will compare offers from thousands providers in order for you to find the room best suited to your needs and preferences and at the best price.

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So what exactly are these benefits, that allow you to leave all your daily concerns behind, for which hotels are prized by themselves and by their clientele and which are worth your money?

— First and foremost: you're not staying in somebody's home, the hotel business is ... well, just business designed to meet a traveler's needs and is as such quite predictable.

— The absence of Home To Do Lists: no cleaning, dish-washing, repairs, bills...

— Hotels are typically provide around the clock security, what gives the guests the feeling of safety in the building and in the vicinity. Hotels are usually committed to prevent loss of your property, as it can affect their reputation.

— In a hotel there's no need for you to be concerned about food: you can visit a dining area or (if you don't want to go anywhere or the hour is too late) it will be brought into your room.

— Your room will be kept all the time perfectly clean. This cleanliness greatly contributes to the overall relaxing atmosphere.

— You're able to enjoy amenities, for which you don't have the budget or enough room at home: a pool, jacuzzi, spa or beauty salon, fitness room or a private beach. Into this category we can include also a spectacular view or an excellent cuisine.

— Many hotels have secure parking lots and some rental cars' pick up/drop off locations on their premises or in the vicinity.

— Many hotels offer childcare options. Your kids will be kept safe and happily engaged while you're enjoying your vacations.

— As a rule, you can either book a room in advance, or just walk in without a prior reservation. Hotels require no deposits or cancellation fee (usually not later than several days or at least 24 hours prior to your planned arrival).

— Naturally every room in a hotel has an internet access.

— You can be sure, that the person at front-desk (receptionist or clerk) speaks at least English (or the language of your particular country, if the hotel is frequented by your compatriots).

— And the best of all: the staff of a hotel is ready to do almost any your bidding and is expected and yearns to do it, so just ask. Tip for a simple task is usually $5-$10 and for an "impossible" one — $20-$30. So don't miss the opportunity!

When looking for a suitable hotel (in contrast to a b&b / boarding house / mini-hotel), there is no room for fantasies, so usually everything starts and ends with this big three:

  • hotels.com + itunes app, with expedia.com as its parent company (+ itunes app), especially true, if our destination lies in US / Mexico / Canada...
  • booking.com, hotels all over the world + itunes app,
  • agoda.com  + itunes app with Booking Holdings as parent company (yes, with booking.com as its leading one), worth to visit, if you are going to Southeast Asia, i.e. Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines... +Australia.
  • + we'll visit tripadvisor.com in order to read (real) customer reviews.

As we've already mentioned, a hotel provides you with an opportunity "to leave all your daily concerns behind", but everyone decides for himself, weather use it or not. If during your vacations you are ready to perform your everyday tasks, then other types of accommodation (such as B&Bs and guesthouses) will give you more money-saving options.

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