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  Journeys You Won't Forget

It's not always easy to decide where to go this time. And if you want something quite special here are some suggestions for you.

Following them you'll acquire (as a small bonus to great vacations) unforgettable experience and a fresh topic for conversations with your friends!

Switzerland: Davos
Best Time: depends on the purpose of your visit.
With the town center 1560 m above sea-level Davos is unofficially called the capital of the Alps.
At the moment Davos and its neighboring region Klosters constitute one ski area.
Usually visiting Switzerland involves a considerable financial expenses, but there are ways to reduce the costs of skiing in Davos to a reasonable minimum.
Best Time: depends on the purpose of your visit.
Norway is a very beautiful country, sparsely populated. Options of public transportation are all too often very limited and taxis (due to extremely high living standards) are extremely expensive. Don't make your schedule too tight, you can encounter traffic jams or snow drifts in winter.
All the above said, you won't find anywhere else groomed to such level of perfection skiing slopes with so few skiers on them, such warm and spacious apartments (take all your family or all your friends with you) or such roads (the most of them are perfectly leveled despite uneven terrain).
Bosnia & Herzegovina
Best Time: depends on the purpose of your visit.
Bosnia & Herzegovina (or BiH) is a small country situated in the Balkans. To the most people is known only due to the Balkan wars.
Not everyone remembers, that the 1984 Winter Olympic Games took place near Sarajevo, the BiH capital. Then mount Jahorina and its ski resort (the most popular and biggest in BiH) hosted women's alpine ski events.
Good food, low prices, decent skiing conditions (though the infrastructure is a bit old) - A visit there is a MUST. Careful: not many locals can speak any foreign language!
Best Time: depends on the purpose of your visit.
A small and poor country in the eastern Europe. To most people in the world also known only through the Balkan wars.
Every European must visit Belgrade in order to see the ruins of the buildings left by the NATO-bombings.
The prices are low, the food is good and the people are very friendly, but not many of them speak a foreign language.
Best Time: depends on the purpose of your visit.
By area, it's the largest country in the world.
To the most people in the world is known as the successor to the USSR. It is characterized by the diversity of its population and the abundance of historical and cultural sites. A visit to the country, in particular a trip to Moscow or St. Petersburg, can be very expensive if you do not follow some simple rules.