Conditions of Carriage by European airlines.

On this page we'll try to summarizing the conditions of carriage of the largest European airlines. It includes most common rules of baggage policies, conditions for carrying pets and special baggage items (sports equipment and musical instrument) and also excess baggage. Please, do not blindly rely on the information found in this table. Airlines can change their policies, so please visit the relevant web page in order to obtain up-to-date information from the first-hand.

Please read all the notes carefully, they can contain additional and/or important information, explanations and clarifications. In order to obtain more information visit the corresponding web page of the airline in question.

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baggage note

 ! According to IATA rules the following countries belong to Europe: Albania, Algeria, Andorra, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark (with exclusion of Greenland), Estonia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy (and Vatican City), Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, Norway (including Svalbard and Jan Mayen), Poland, Portugal, Republic of Ireland, Republic of Macedonia, Republic of Moldova, Romania, Russia (European part, west of the Urals), San Marino, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

* Hand luggage rules of some airlines are very different from all the others:
easyJet, Iberia, Iberia EXPRESS: no weight limit for hand luggage, the main thing is that you can place it into the overhead locker yourself.
British Airways: the weight of one piece of hand baggage (for "any essential items you may need during your flight" :) can not exceed 23 kg.
! VIM-Airlines permitted transportation of hand luggage with max weight only of 5 kg for economy class (and 10 kg for business).
And Onur Air rules specifically describe the transportation of gold as hand luggage, if its weight exceeds 8 kg or size 25x45x56cm, then the relevant passenger should purchase a second seat (extra seat) for the gold :).

* On most flights you can take in addition to officially allowed carry-on baggage another small item (handbag, laptop, camcorder, umbrella, etc.).
For example, Aeroflot allows to transport a backpack as an additional "small item" (of no more than 5 kg and 80 cm in the sum of three dimensions). But lately more and more airlines demand to weigh these additional items together with hand luggage.
! TAP Portugal: small items are limited not only in size, but also in weight (0.2 kg).

* In most cases you won't be able to cancel baggage registration and prepaid extra baggage is not refunded if you cancel your flight.

 * Carriage of skiing equipment: usually fee is for one-way journey and includes the whole set of sporting equipment even if it is packed in separate bags, e.g. 1 pair of ski + ski boots + helmet, but
! Finnair: packed separately ski boots (helm etc.) considered to be additional piece of baggage.

* Most airlines will accept your bicycle packed in a bicycle travel case with the wheels and pedals removed and handlebars turned parallel or packed in cardboard, but some of them require to deflate the tires.

* Transportation of animals can be difficult and costly. The airline can refuse to transport cats and dogs of brachycephalic breeds (such as bulldog, shih-tzu, pug, boxer, Pekingese, etc.), rodents, arthropods, reptiles, fish, etc.
! TAROM: for pets are carried in the aircraft cabin the size of the container must not exceed 93 cm in the sum of three dimensions 42х30х21 (93) cm and its max weight (with pet/pets) is 5 kg.
! Norwegian Air Shuttle: when carrying pets on connecting flights (Norway only), your transfer time between flights must be longer than 1 hour and shorter than 2 hours.
! KLM: If a pet travels as check-in baggage and the transfer at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol takes longer than 2 hours, an extra fee of €150 (or $/CAD 200) will apply.
Not all airlines can carry your pet to/from UK: the list of approved airlines and airports from

* For the carriage of special baggage (pets, sports equipment, musical instruments, oversized, overweight baggage and so on) you'll have to receive a consent from the airline in question, so you must always make a reservation by telephone or online (some airlines require passengers to make a reservation exclusively by phone) and on the whole not later than 24-48 hours before departure.

* More information on Traveling with Pets you'll be able to find on these pages:

* For fragile and oversized musical instruments an additional seat may be reserved (standard price for adult). In other cases the carriage is regulated by the general baggage rules (including free baggage allowance).
! Ural Airlines: musical instruments are not included in the free baggage allowance and are paid for separately.

* Transportation fees will be lower on domestic flights of airlines, then goes traveling within a specific continent. Usually you'll have to pay more on intercontinental routes.

* Usually indicated charges are per one way only.

* Sometimes it's hard to determine even an approximate fee without knowing an exact route (as for Turkish Airlines).

* If you are using flights with transfer time at an airport exceeding 2 hours, you're sometimes required to pay for your baggage an additional fee.

* Usually the weight of one piece of baggage must not exceed 32 kg. The items weighing more can still be transported as cargo/freight for an extra fee.

* Often the baggage of children under two years of age traveling on an adult's lap free of charge is limited, at the same time children under two occupying a separate seat have the same free baggage allowance as adult passengers.

* Purchasing extra bag / excess baggage online in advance, through contact centers or specialized agencies (not at the airport) often provides a significant (20-70%) discount (Aegean Airlines and Air Serbia: up to 70%; IBERIA, IBERIA EXPRESS: 50%; easyJet: £12-22 online and £32-45 at the airport), you should remember that these fees are often nonrefundable.

* According to IATA (the International Air Transport Association) recommendations:
carriage of small lithium battery-powered vehicles (airwheel, solowheel, hoverboard, mini-segway, balance wheel) is not allowed for batteries exceeding 160Wh, allowed for batteries with rating less or equal 100Wh, and for ones exceeding 100Wh but less or equal 160Wh allowed with prior notification and approval of the operator (in either checked or carry-on baggage); but many airlines prohibit transportation regardless of battery rating.
Usage of electronic cigarettes is prohibited (can be stored in carry-on baggage).
On the page of IATA you can find more info on carriage of dangerous goods.

* And about some other fees for optional services: one has to pay for seat reservation, extra leg room, often also for airport or phone booking and so on.
! Ryanair airport check-in costs €55 or £55.
! Pobeda (a Russian low-cost carrier) took earlier €35 or ₽2000 for a bag with duty free purchases. Now you can take it on board free of charge, but only if it's not larger than 36x30x27 cm.
! Norwegian Air will take £4 for a travel blanket.

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The most commonly used baggage rules (international flights)
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Fare group Basic Economy Business
Aeromexico hand luggage allowance 1 piece of carry-on baggage with the sum of three dimensions 115 cm (55х40х20 cm)
+ almost all airlines will allow you to take on board also small personal items (umbrella, handbag, briefcase, walking stick/cane, books, laptop, camcorder, camera, bag with Duty Free purchases and so on)
1 piece 8 kg 1 or 2 pieces 16 kg in total
Aeromexico checked baggae allowance The sum of three dimensions of any checked baggage item must not be larger than 158 cm
0 kg 1х 23 kg 2х 32 kg
Aeromexico excess baggage
Often fees for extra baggage are calculated in € for flights departing from Europe, in CAD for flights departing from Canada, in $ for flights departing from the United States and all other countries.

Standard additional bag: 23 kg, overweight up to 32 kg, oversized more than 158 cm.

Usually you'll pay the same amount of money for an additional standard bag as for an overweight one and twice as much for an oversized bag.

The maximum weight of any piece of baggage is mostly 32 kg, irrespectively of service class and everything heavier must be carried as cargo.
!   Special baggage (more than 158 cm, more than 32 kg, pets, sports equipment, fragile items etc.):  you must notify your Airline not later than 24-72 hours before the scheduled time of departure.
Aeromexico pets Pets (now often only cats and dogs) carried in the aircraft cabin. The size of the pet carrier must not exceed 115 cm in the sum of three dimensions: 55х40х20 cm, the weight of the container (with pet/pets) must not exceed 8 kg.
Pets (often only cats, dogs, rabbits) carried in the baggage compartment, the weight of the kennel (with pet/pets) must not exceed 32 kg.
Aeromexico sports equipment A set of sports equipment (ski, snowboard, hockey, golf, fishing equipment, bicycles, diving, surfboards etc.) not exceeding 23 kg is considered to be one standard piece of baggage and part of the free baggage allowance irrespectively of its size.

For sports equipment exceeding the free baggage allowance (weight or number of pieces) standard rates for excess baggage will be applied.

Carriage of sporting / hunting weapons and ammunition (max 5 kg) requires prior notification and consent of the airline, a handling fee can be charged.
Aeromexico musical instruments Musical instruments are included in the baggage allowance, so you can carry them instead of your standard carry-on or hold baggage piece.

When carried in the passenger's seat (which can be booked for a standard price or even a bit cheaper), the weight of the instrument usually must not exceed 80 kg, and its size must not exceed 135х50х30 cm.
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List of Airlines

A  Adria Airways, Aegean Airlines, Aer Lingus, Aeroflot, AirBaltic, Air Berlin, Air Europa, Air France, Air Italy, Air Malta, Air Nostrum (Iberia Regional), Air Serbia, ITA Airways, AtlasGlobal, Azerbaijan Airlines

B  Belavia, Blue Air, British Airways, Brussels Airlines, Bulgaria Air

C  Condor, Croatia Airlines, Czech Airlines

E  easyJet, Enter Air, Eurowings

F  Finnair, flybe,




L  LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa

M  Meridiana, Monarch Airlines

N  Nordwind Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle

O  Onur Air

P  Pegasus Airlines

R  Ryanair

S  S7 Airlines, SmartWings, Sunexpress, Swiss International Airlines

T  TAP Portugal, TAROM, Transavia, Travel Service Airlines, TUI fly, Turkish Airlines

U  Ukraine International Airlines, Ural Airlines, UTair

V  VIM Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Volotea, Vueling

W  Wizz Air.

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