Available and affordable Transport

The are many ways to get from point A to point B and each one of them offers a various amount of speed, safety, comfort, costs and its own level of environmental impact.

First of all you must take into consideration the distance, that you'll have to cover. Will it be long or short? Usually buses or cars are preferable for short trips and planes and trains for long ones. More information on each transportation mode you'll find below.


Best Flight Options

Besides railway the safest and often the fastest way to travel.

But not always the fastest. Flying does not save your time if you've got a short trip. Consider at least 30 minutes that it'll take you to get to and from the airport plus 2 to 2 and a half hours of waiting there.
But flying is the best (and sometimes the only) option if you have to cover a great distance.

Using some useful tips everyone will be able to book flights cheaply (interestingly, prices of air tickets can be quite comparable with such of railway tickets).

Deutsche Bahn train

Affordable Train Tickets

The safest and the most comfortable way to travel.

Overnight trains often give you also a more convenient way to travel than flights. You can get a place to sleep there and your sleep is not the time wasted. And they (trains) have the least environmental impact!
A train offers plenty of legroom, no restrictions on the use of electronic devices (what is less and less relevant lately, as airlines one by one withdraw their restrictions in this respect), generous free baggage allowances (you can even take your bicycle), a dining car serving freshly-prepared meals and also an opportunity to have your own bed.
Today advanced search engines help us to create complex routes using long-distance and commuter trains, even buses, which allows significantly reduce the costs of traveling in Europe.

Eurolines bus

Bus - a Transport Option Again!

The cheapest way of travel when making a short trip.

In Europe and in America likewise buses have become quicker, safer, cleaner and more comfortable lately. And if you haven't taken an inter-city bus in a while, you might be surprised just how much they have changed!
Besides trains it's a very environmentally friendly way of travel (because you're sharing one vehicle with a lot of fellow passengers). We'll give you some tips on booking tickets for international / intercity buses in Europe cheaply.
And don't forget to make an online checkup on amenities, which await you on board of your chosen bus!

rental car

Rental Cars and Ridesharing

You can split costs of travel with your fellow passengers and stop whenever you like (freedom, agh?...)

Of course driving time is your wasted time. You can not do or more precisely YOU MUST NOT DO anything, what can divert your attention from road situation, while driving a vehicle :(.But! It's best for short routes and you can reduce the environmental impact by sharing the car with your fellow travelers. We've tried to find for you the best websites allowing to rent a car in Europe and the US cheaply, but if you're traveling alone and aren't carrying a lot of baggage, ridesharing can be the option of your choice!