Fares. Hand luggage allowance. Checked baggage allowance. Excess baggage charges. Carriage of sports equipment. Carriage of musical instruments. Carriage of pets (dogs, cats, birds).

And other useful information about Lufthansa. Last update 02.12.2019. Sources of information for this page: Lufthansa Carry-on Baggage, Lufthansa Checked Baggage, Lufthansa Excess Baggage, Lufthansa Traveling with Pets, Lufthansa Carriage of Sports Equipment (including Weapons and Ammunition), Lufthansa Carriage of Musical Instruments. Airlines constantly change their policies, so please visit the relevant web page of the airline in question in order to obtain up-to-date information from the first-hand.

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Fare group Economy Business First
Light Classic / Flex Premium
please read Please also read the most commonly used baggage rules of European airlines.
Lufthansa hand luggage allowance 1 piece of carry-on baggage with the sum of three dimensions 118 cm (55х40х23 cm) or 57x54x15 cm for foldable garment bags + small personal items (30x40x10 cm: umbrella, handbag, briefcase, walking stick/cane, books, laptop, camcorder, camera, bag with Duty Free purchases and so on)

It is also permitted to take into the cabin of the Lufthansa aircraft for each child up to 2 years of age a carry cot or a child seat or a foldable pushchair. The airline recommends to take on board your child's favorite food, drinking water for babies is provided on board.

Passengers with disabilities and special requirements, those needing assistance of the airline staff should contact the airline at the time of booking or not later than 48 hrs before departure.
On Lufthansa flights, passengers with restricted mobility may carry in the cabin free of charge crutches, walking sticks, walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and other orthopedic aids. Manual wheelchairs can be used until the moment of boarding the plane. Carriage of powered wheelchairs and other electric mobility aids requires prior notification and consent of the airline, they'll be handled as an item of checked baggage, the airline will provide another wheelchair free of charge.
  1x 8 kg 2x 8 kg
Lufthansa checked baggae allowance The sum of three dimensions of any hold baggage item must not be larger than 158 cm

For an infant (children up to 2 years), regardless of the booked travel class (! except for the Economy Light fare, which does not allow any checked baggage), one can take free of charge one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 23 kg.
1x 23 kg 2x 23 kg 2x 32 kg 3x 32 kg
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!   Special baggage (more than 158 cm, more than 32 kg, fragile items etc.):  you must notify Lufthansa not later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of departure, Lufthansa customer service. Conditions for the transport of excess baggage were changed from 18 April 2018.
Lufthansa excess baggage Prices are in €
Standard piece 23 kg, heavy bag 24-32 kg, oversized bag more than 159 cm.

Maximum 99 kg of baggage per passenger on Lufthansa flights.

A single baggage item should not exceed the limit of 32 kg.

Price zones.
Zone 1: Domestic routes (Germany).
Zone 2: within Europe (including Azerbaijan, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey).
Zone 3: flights between Europe and North Africa, Central Asia and the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean coast (Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Turkmenistan).
Zone 4: intercontinental short-haul routes include the flights between Europe and Ethiopia, Bahrain, Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, the Dominican Republic, Gambia, Ghana, Guinea, Jamaica, Cameroon, Qatar, Cuba, Kuwait, Liberia, Libya, Nigeria, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Togo, United Arab Emirates.
Zone 5: medium-haul intercontinental routes, flights between Europe and Equatorial Guinea, Angola, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, India, Eastern Canada, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Congo, Maldives, Rwanda, Seychelles, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Uganda, the East of US.
Zone 6: long-haul intercontinental routes, flights between Europe and Argentina, Brazil, Western Canada, continental China, Costa Rica, Hong Kong, China, Colombia, Korea, Mauritius, Mexico, Namibia, Panama, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, the West of the US, Venezuela, Vietnam.
Zone 7: flights to and from Japan.
Routes Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4
Zone 5 Zone 6 Zone 7
+1 standard* 70 80 100 150 200 250 150
+1 heavy or oversized 110 130 175 250 320 400 250
+1 heavy and oversized 150 180 250 350 440 550 450
heavy or oversized 40 50 75 100 120 150 100**
heavy + oversized 80 100 150 200 240 300 300
* Economy Light Fare price of the first piece of checked baggage online / at the the ticket desk or check-in counter / at gate: domestic €15 / 30 / 55, international €25 / 40 / 55.

** For all fares including Business and First class on flight routes to / from Japan an oversized piece costs €200.

*** The price of the second piece of checked baggage from / to the USA, Canada or Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama) is €90.
Lufthansa pets Service animals accompanying persons with disabilities and emotional support animals can on flights to/from the US travel in the cabin for free, this service requires prior notification and consent of the airline.

Max 2 pets per person (in the cabin and / or cargo hold). Charges per flight direction, one must also pay for return flights and stopovers (journey break of more than 24 hrs).
Lufthansa generally advises against transporting snub-nosed dogs and cats. If you choose to transport these breeds, there must be at least additional 10 cm between the standing animal and walls of the container. A list of these breeds you can find on page Carriage of Pets by European Airlines.
Pets (cats and dogs) carried in the aircraft cabin on Lufthansa flights. The size of the container must not exceed 118 cm in the sum of three dimensions: 55х40х23 cm, the weight of the container (with pet/pets) must not exceed 8 kg.
50 60 80 90 100 110 70
Pets (dogs, cats, hares and rabbits) carried in the baggage compartment, the weight of the container (with pet/pets)exceeds 8 kg.
60x45x40 cm 80 100 130 150 170 190 150
125x75x85 cm 160 200 260 300 340 380 300
Lufthansa sports equipment Sports equipment not exceeding baggage allowance (weight according to travel class 23 kg/32 kg and number of pieces) is included in the baggage allowance.

Otherwise charges for carrying sports equipment are applied. For sports items not listed below the regular excess baggage rates will apply.

Weight of sports equipment must not exceed 32 kg and its dimensions 3.5 m.

Type 1 (standard sports baggage): mountaineering equipment, fishing equipment, archery equipment, boogie board/bodyboard, bowling kit, cycling, parachute equipment, fencing equipment, golfing equipment, hockey equipment, inline skates, kite surfboard, skateboard, skiing equipment*, snowboarding equipment, javelin equipment, sporting and hunting weapons and ammunition**, surfboard, diving equipment, tennis/squash/badminton equipment, wakeboard, water skiing equipment, waveboard.

Type 2 (bulky sports baggage): longboard, horseback riding equipment, rubber dinghy / boat, pole vaulting equipment, tandem bicycle, windsurfing equipment.

* On all Lufthansa flights with the exception of those to / from the US, Mexico and Central America (Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama), in addition your free baggage allowance, you can carry free of charge a set of ski equipment up to 200 cm (length).

** Sporting and hunting weapons: require prior notification, are only charged if carried separately, max 2 items per passenger, additional fees if departing from: South Africa €50, Italy up to €90 depending on airport, Spain €60, Turkey €30.
type 1 70 80 100 150 200 250 150
type 2 110 130 175 250 320 400 200
Lufthansa musical instruments Musical instruments are included in the free baggage allowance.

When carried in the passenger's seat, the weight of the instrument must not exceed 75 kg, max dimensions 155x42x25 cm for musical instruments that stand in the cabin and 110x42x50 cm — for musical instruments strapped to the seat.

For musical instruments with max weight of 52 kg and dimensions up to  200x75x65 cm carried as registered special baggage apply special charges for carrying bulky items: Europe / intercontinental €200 / 300.
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