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  LATAM — Latin America Airlines:

and other useful information about Latam Airlines. Last update 22.11.2021. Airlines constantly change their policies, so please visit the relevant web page of the airline in question in order to obtain up-to-date information from the first-hand.
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Latam Airlines Covid-19 and additional information:

Please read the most commonly used baggage rules of European airlines for more information.

Changes in terms and conditions of Latam Airlines passenger transportation due to coronavirus:
at present some countries have restricted non-essential trips: the current restrictions, other information and advisories on entering foreign countries for US citizens;

please note that entering many countries requires filling in the contact form (sometimes it is also necessary to get a QR code), providing the results of the preliminary passed (mainly not more than 72 hours before departure) negative PCR test (PCR test) for coronavirus and/or self-isolation (quarantine) with the duration from 5 (under condition of passing the repeated tests) and up to 14 days upon arrival in the destination country;

wearing a medical protective mask covering both your nose and mouth is mandatory for all passengers over 2 years of age during all phases of the flight: during boarding/disembarking and during the flight. Cloth masks, surgical or masks with increased protective properties of the types N95 and KN95 without valve will be acceptable at the rate of one mask per approximately 4 hours of flight (unless otherwise specified by the manufacturer); masks with valves, scarves, etc. are not allowed. Face shields may only be used in combination with an approved face mask.

! Please note that on Peruvian domestic flights and on international (including connecting) flights to/from Peru, the use of protective shields is mandatory in addition to protective masks of approved types.

 ! From 22nd until 29th November 2021 Up to 20% discount on flights to / from Latin America: Sao Paulo • Rio de Janeiro • Santiago de Chile • Montevideo • Buenos Aires  • Asuncion and other destinations.

Latam Airlines hand luggage:

1 piece of carry-on baggage with a maximum size of 115 cm (55x35x25 cm or 21x13x9 inches)

+ one personal item (with maximum dimensions of 18x14x8 inches or 45x35x20 cm) such as a purse, briefcase, small backpack or baby bag that fits under the seat in the front (excluding for front and exit rows).

In addition you can bring in the cabin a jacket or coat, a small pocket umbrella, a bag containing purchases from the duty-free store (not exceeding the maximum dimensions for a small personal item), items for your comfort and entertainment on board: for example a travel pillow, a belt bag, headphones and reading materials.

If there is no space in the cabin, your carry-on baggage will be checked in free of charge.

If your hand luggage exceeds the permitted allowance, a fee from $35 on domestic and from $70 on international flights will be charged for its transportation.
Economy Premium Business
1x 10 kg (22 lbs) 1x 16 kg (25 lbs)
Children under 2 years of age may travel on the lap of an adult accompanying person or in an adjacent seat, if necessary in an approved child car seat; in this case the fare is the same as for an adult passenger. If your infant does not occupy a separate seat and will sit on your lap, you may bring an additional small personal item measuring 18x14x8 inches or 45x35x20 cm and one additional item such as a folding stroller or a certified car / booster seat (if there is no space in the cabin, the items will be checked in and transported in the hold).

Passengers with disabilities and special requirements, those needing assistance of the airline staff should contact the airline at the time of booking or not later than 48 hrs before departure.
Crutches, walkers, canes, prosthetic and other orthopedic devices for passengers with reduced mobility are usually carried in the cabin at no extra charge. You can check in wheelchairs online (through Latam website or application).
Information on the requirements for wheelchairs and other mobility aids is available on the Latam website or by contacting customer service. Wheelchairs powered by 1 battery not exceeding 300 watts or 2 batteries not exceeding 160 watts each will be accepted for transportation.more info  

Latam Airlines Checked Baggage:

1 piece of checked baggage may not exceed the size of 158 cm in the sum of three dimensions.

Checked baggage allowance for Economy Class is shown in the table below.
Flights Promo / Basic / Light Plus Top
Domestic flights in Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru; regional flights within South America; international flights to/from the United States and Canada; flights between South America and Europe; flights within Europe; Flights between South America and Central America / Caribbean / Mexico / Tel Aviv 1х 23 kg 2x 23 kg
between Chile and Easter Island 2x 23 kg
between South America and Oceania 2x 23 kg ? 1х 23 kg 2x 23 kg
between French Polynesia and Easter Island; within Oceania and on other international flights 1х 23 kg 2x 23 kg
Premium Economy: for the Plus fare, baggage allowance is 1 piece of checked baggage, for the Top fare — 3 pieces of baggage weighing up to 23 kg each

For Premium Business: passengers traveling on Plus and Top fares allowed to carry 3 pieces of checked baggage up to 23 kg each.more info  

Latam Airlines excess baggage charges:

The maximum weight of any standard checked baggage item is up to 23 kg / 50 lbs, heavy baggage 23-32 kg (50-70 lbs) or 32 to 45 kg (70-99 lbs), bulky baggage over 158 (62 inches) and up to 320 cm (126 in.).

On flights to / from Argentina, Aruba, Europe, or Oceania, baggage items weighing more than 32 kilograms will not be accepted for transportation.

Excess baggage fees are cumulative.
Flights 1st bag 2nd bag  3+ bag Overweight up to 32 kg / oversized or special items
Brazil (price in B$ or BRL)
Domestic flights 110-140 185 124-185 175
Domestic/international flights from/to Chile (prices shown in thousands of CLP for domestic and in USD for other flights)
flights within Chile 16-30 35-50 22-50* 25
between Chile and South American countries 35-70 100-120 50-150 100 / 50
between Chile and Central America or the Caribbean 50-70 100 - 150 60 - 200 100
between Chile and Mexico or Canada 60 - 90 120 - 160 60 - 200 100
between Chile and the United States 65 - 100 130 - 150 65 - 200 100
between Chile and Europe or Tel Aviv 55 - 100 150 100 - 200 100
between Chile and the countries of Oceania 200 200 100
* on flights between Santiago de Chile and Easter Island CLP 9,990 - USD 150
Colombia (price in thousands of COP)
Domestic flights 90 60-90 60-210 85
Ecuador (fees in US $)
Domestic flights 17-30 40 20-70 10 / 25
Peru (price in US $)
Domestic flights 20-35 45 25 - 70 30 / 35
International flights from / to America or Canada (price in US $)
between Ecuador / Colombia / Peru and the United States / Canada 55-90 110-150 50-200 100
between the rest of South America and the United States / Canada 45-100 110-150 50-200 100
between the US / Canada and Central America and the Caribbean 50-70 100-150 50-150 100
Other international flights (fees in US $ and in € for Europe)
between South American countries 35-80 100-120 45-150 100 / 50
between South America and Central America / Caribbean 45-70 100-120 60-200 100 / 50
between South America and Mexico 28-90 100-160 50-200 100
between South America and Europe 53-100 150 200 100
between European countries 50-70 120 150 60
between South America and Tel Aviv 70-100 150 150 100
between South America and Oceania 200 200 100
between South America and Africa 66-100 120-150 100-200 100
between the countries of Oceania 150 150 75-100 / 100
between French Polynesia and Easter Island 150 150 75 / 100
Other international flights 75-90 150-200 100-200 100
Central America / Caribbean: Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica.

! For heavy baggage weighing over 32 kg (up to 45 kg) the fee is as for baggage up to 32 kg multiplied by two.more info  
!   Special baggage (more than 32 kg, fragile items, etc.):  you must notify LATAM Airlines not later than 48 hours before the scheduled time of departure, Latam Airlines customer service.

Latam Airlines carriage of pets:

! Brachycephalic breeds of dogs and cats as well as dangerous breeds of dogs are not accepted for carriage as checked baggage.

Professionally trained guide dogs are carried in the cabin free of charge, if they meet certain requirements.

Emotional support animals (dogs) are only carried as such on flights to or from Mexico, Colombia and on domestic flights within Colombia.

Emotional / psychological support animals on other routes and service dogs in training may travel under normal conditions at an appropriate additional fee.

When transporting an animal in economy class cabin the dimensions of a hard kennel may not exceed 36x33x19 cm (88 cm) and of a soft bag  36x33x23 cm (92 cm). The weight of the container with the animal may not exceed 7 kg (15 lbs).

When transporting pets as check-in baggage, the size of the container may not exceed 300 cm (width + height + length), with a maximum height of 115 cm and a maximum weight of 45 kg (or up to 32 kg for flights to or from Europe, Oceania, Argentina, Aruba, and South Africa).
Flights in the cabin in the hold
0-23 kg 24-32 kg 33-45 kg
within Peru $45 $60 $80 $100
within Brazil BRL200 BRL500 BRL700 BRL900
within Chile CLP50.000 CLP40.000 CLP55.000 CLP70.000
within Colombia COP60.000 COP170.000 COP200.000 COP250.000
within Ecuador $45 $50 $65 $80
regional $200 $125 $200 $275
long-haul $250 $150 $225 $300
No pet travel service (in the cabin or in the hold) is available on flights to or from Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Papeete, England and Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica or the Galapagos Islands, on the Brasilia-Asuncion route operated by Paranair, on connecting flights operated by other airlines, on code-share flights.more info  

Latam Airlines carriage of special baggage: sports equipment, firearms and ammunition:

Surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing equipment, stand up paddle, water ski, fishing, waveski, scuba diving (including an empty oxygen tank) equipment, wakeboard, boogieboard or bodyboard; ski and snowboard equipment, skydiving and paragliding equipment; golf, cycling, archery, hockey or lacrosse equipment, javelins can be transported as special baggage for an appropriate fee (see above). The dimensions of the equipment to be carried as special baggage are normally limited to 300 cm in three dimensions, with the exceptional of water sports equipment, for which a length of 320 cm regardless of its width or height is permitted.

Members of the Black Signature, Black and Platinum programs can take advantage of the benefit allowing an extra piece of baggage and carry their special baggage item instead.
If you travel in Premium Economy or Premium Business class cabin, you can carry special baggage on account of free baggage allowance included with your fare.

Very large items such as kayaks, canoes and paddles, hang gliders or vaulting poles may only be carried as cargo.

Weapons can only be carried as checked baggage and only to the destinations where it is allowed, these items are subject to mandatory declaration at the airport. Firearms must be unloaded and often carried in their original hard, well sealed and secured cases; no more than 5 kg of ammunition may be carried.more info  

Latam Airlines carriage of musical instruments:

Small musical instruments can be carried in the cabin instead of carry-on baggage, as long as they do not exceed the permitted size or weight. If they exceed the size or weight limits, the instruments have to be carried in the hold.

Guitars may only be carried in hard cases in the baggage compartment of the aircraft. A guitar in a case is considered a regular piece of baggage.

Other musical instruments up to 300 cm in three dimensions and weighing up to 45 kg (up to 32 kg on some flights) can be carried as special baggage for an appropriate fee.

An instrument can also be carried in a booked for it passenger seat if its weigh does not exceeds 45 kg and its dimensions 41x42x90 cm.more info  
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